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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Easton Hockey Stick Patterns

Just as players occasionaly go from league to league (i.e. Jaromir Jagr just returned to the NHL after a 3 year stint in the KHL), sometimes they also go from one hockey manufacturer to another (i.e. Ovechkin leaving CCM to join Bauer). It can be confusing to keep up with at times, and we won't even bother discussing the contractual reasons involved. Instead, let's just assume that NHL players are just like you and me when it comes to gear; sometimes you feel like trying out a different brand of skates, sticks or gloves. Anyhow, the point is, when a player-manufacturer relationship changes, it really doesn't affect the average hockey player/consumer, until they go looking for their favorite blade pattern and they can't seem to find it anymore... In fact, maybe ALL of the names they once recognized have been replaced with a whole new batch of European and Russian names they've never heard before.

I can remember standing in the stick aisle at Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods in St. Louis, trying to decide between an Easton P3 Sakic curve, Nike Fedorov curve, and Bauer P88 Lindros curve. That was a while ago, but you get the point... Times change, and the names get updated. The P3 Sakic is now the P3 Hall, the P88 Lindros became the P88 Kane, and Nike doesn't even make hockey equipment anymore. The good news is that Nike doesn't make hockey equipment anymore. Oh, and the other good news is that we're here to make sure you're up to speed on the newest blade patterns and names.

Easton recently changed a few of their blade pattern names, threw in some new ones, and even brought back an oldie. Here's the new Easton lineup:

  • P2 – Cammalleri (Previously "Shanahan" - Briefly reintroduced in 2010 [S19 & ST]; discontinued for 2011)
  • P3 – Hall (Previously "Sakic")
  • P4 – Cammalleri (Confusing right..? Previously "Zetterberg", and "Forsberg" before that)
  • P5 – Getzlaf (Previously "Lidstrom")
  • P6 – Parise (Previously "Drury")
  • P7 – Iginla
  • P8 – Roy (Introduced last year)
  • P9 – Heatley
  • P10 – Chara (Discontinued)
  • P33 – Chara (Introduced in 2011)

Since the P2 Cammalleri is no longer being produced, and Zetterberg left Easton for Warrior, Easton decided to just turn the P4 Zetterberg into the P4 Cammalleri. Also, the P10 Chara was discontinued, most likely because Easton already produces two other 1/2" mid curves (Iginla and Heatley). After pulling the P10, Easton introduced the P33 Chara, which is the deepest curve they offer, at 3/4".

Hopefully that sheds a little light on the subject and helps you avoid playing the guessing game when you pick out your pattern for the new line of 2011/2012 Easton Sticks.

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