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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easton Synergy EQ50 Hockey Stick Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Easton Synergy EQ50 Stick. I went with the Zetterberg 85 Flex Left. Of course, when I pulled it out of the packaging the first thing I noticed was the slick design of the graphics. I'm partial to black and red, so right off the bat this was one of the better looking sticks I've seen in quite a while. Simple, clean and classic – no need for fancy schmancy fluff.

When I leaned on it to test the flex I was actually surprised by the stiffness of the lower half of the shaft. The other two sticks in my rotation are the Bauer Vapor X:60 and Reebok 11K, so with those two sticks as a reference point I wasn't sure how the EQ50 was going to feel once I actually got out on the rink with it. About a year ago I had an Easton Synergy SE16, but the EQ50 had a different feel; mostly, as I noted, the stiffness of the lower part of the shaft. Anyhow, at this point I had only given it a good flex in my garage, so this was just my first impression.

Warmups started for my game last night and I spent the first few minutes just screwing around with a puck to get a feel for the stick. In all honesty, I've never picked up a stick that felt as natural as the EQ50 right from the get-go. The puck-feel is incredible. I made a few passes back and forth with one of my team mates and the puck stopped dead on my blade every time. So far so good.

After passing the puck around a bit, I took a wrister from the top of the circle and the release couldn't have been smoother. As I said before, when I first received the stick I gave it a good bend and was surprised by the stiffness of the lower half, and that made me wonder how well the wristers would release. But, once again, I was impressed with the quick, accurate release that it gave me. After that I took a couple snappers and a few slap shots with equally satisfying results.

Easton's Focus Weight Technology is implemented in the blade heel and butt end cap by the use of strategically placed weights – I could really feel the difference as I handled the puck, but it also keeps the stick from feeling blade-heavy when you shoot, which makes it incredibly simple to dial in with every type of shot. In some ways it resembled the feel of the SE16, but the FWT has been massively refined with the production of the EQ50.

Another concern I had before trying it out was the relative blade stiffness. With a stiff lower shaft, a floppy blade would cause a serious decline in performance quality. We all know what it's like to biff a shot because our blade can't handle the torque of a slap shot. The EQ50 did not disappoint; the blade was rigid and very responsive, which makes a huge difference when you're taking one-timers.

I honestly tried my hardest to find a flaw, any flaw, in the Easton Synergy EQ50, but I failed. Without a doubt, the EQ50 is the most well-balanced stick I've ever used – Power, Feel, Control.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EZ Puck Training Tools Will Elevate Your Game

Are you looking for a breakthrough training tool to improve your puckhandling skills? EZPuck is the tool for you. EZPuck is easy to set up, easy to use, and incredibly effective on and off the ice. The EZPuck Hockey Puck Set comes with 6 discs (pucks) that serve as an incredible alternative to the standard orange cones you're used to using. All you do is place the EZPucks on the ice or shooting board in the desired formation and then you're ready to go. There are three pointed pegs on the underside of the EZPucks which keep them from sliding as you maneuver a puck or ball around them with your hockey stick. Practicing moves has never been so easy!

EZPuck also makes several complementary training tools that further enhance your training experience. They produce shooting boards in 4 different sizes (small, medium, large and x-large) with the option of pre-drilled holes which you place the EZPucks on in order to keep them from sliding. In addition, you can purchase the OneTimer Hockey Shooting Trainer which is a great tool for practicing passes and one-timer shots.

The manufacturers of EZPuck produced numerous instructional videos and drill diagrams that will help you get the most out of your training with EZPuck. Click on the following link to view some of the EZPuck drills. All of the EZPuck instructional videos are available on YouTube, including the two that we've embedded below. Elevate your game with EZPuck today!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bauer - #1 Brand at 2011 NHL All-Star Game

At the 2011 NHL All-Star Game, more players used Bauer gear than any other brand. They reported some staggering numbers to us regarding the number of players who were using their skates, sticks, helmets, visors, gloves, and pants. Bauer topped the list in each of these equipment categories, and in some cases they did so with a sizable margin. In the image below, you can see the stats that Bauer reported following the 2011 NHL All-Star Game.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Easton Hockey Sticks - Defenseman's Choice

After an exciting all-star weekend in North Carolina, Easton shared some interesting stats with us. Easton sticks seem to be the most popular choice among star defensemen in the NHL. If you were watching the skills competition, you saw the blistering 105.9 mph shot taken by Zdeno Chara in the hardest shot competition. Chara's stick of choice: Easton Synergy EQ50.

Here's a look at some of the numbers:

  • Top 3 Defensemen picked at the All Star Fantasy Draft:

    • Duncan Keith - 4th pick overall: Stick of choice Easton
    • Zdeno Chara - 7th pick overall: Stick of choice Easton
    • Shea Weber - 8th pick overall: Stick of choice Easton

  • 18 of 30 NHL teams' leading scoring defensemen choose Easton

  • Nearly 50% of all points scored by the 30 NHL teams' top 2 scoring defensemen are scored with Easton sticks

  • 42 of the NHL's top 100 scorers through the All-Star break use Easton sticks

Pretty impressive stats! The Synergy EQ50 is the newest top of the line model from Easton and it delivers some serious kick without sacrificing even the slightest bit of feel. Easton offers two additional top models with the Easton Stealth S19 Stick and Easton Synergy ST Stick.

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