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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hockey Equipment Checklist

September is approaching quickly, and we all know what that means – time to hit the ice. Whether you're a beginner, a hockey mom, or a seasoned vet, it's time to shake the dust off of your gear and take inventory for the season approaching. As you dig through that dirty bag, or (for the new players) the empty space in your garage where your equipment will be, you're probably going to notice that some of your gear needs replacing. Perhaps you've outgrown your skates, you're fresh out of twigs, or you grew some wicked helmet hair over the summer and your old bucket doesn't fit (behold the beauty shot of Jaromir Jagr, mid 90's)... Whatever the case, with the start of a new season, new gear is never a bad idea.

Jaromir Jagr - Peculiar Hairstyles of Sports Stars

Below, you'll find a hockey equipment checklist which contains all of the essential protective pieces and some accessories that will enhance your playing experience. The list includes gear for hockey players (out-skaters) and hockey goalies.


  1. Skates – Inline Hockey Skates or Ice Hockey Skates

  2. Stick

  3. Helmet (under-18 leagues require full facial protection as well)

  4. Gloves

  5. Shin Guards

  6. Shoulder Pads

  7. Ice Hockey Pants

  8. Elbow Pads

  9. Jock or Jill


  1. Skates

  2. Goalie Stick

  3. Mask / Helmet

    • Neck/Throat Protector (certain leagues require neck and throat protection for goaltenders – we highly recommend using a neck protector whether your league requires it or not)

  4. Blocker

  5. Catcher

  6. Leg Pads

  7. Chest & Arm Protector

  8. Goalie Pants

  9. Goalie Jock

In addition to these essential pieces of protective equipment, you will also need a jersey, hockey socks, hockey stick tape, and hockey shin tape in order to be completely equipped for a hockey game. At Hockey Giant, we have a wide variety of jerseys and socks to choose from in all sizes and colors.

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