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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cascade M11 Helmet Review - "The Messier Project"

Cascade M11 Hockey Helmet

When you’re looking for a hockey helmet, 3 factors play a major role in your decision; comfort, weight and protection. The Cascade M11 Helmet meets all three criterions with virtual impeccability. Known as the Messier Project, former NHL player and recent Hall of Fame inductee Mark Messier assembled a team of researchers and hockey experts to design a hockey helmet that would revolutionize head protection. The end result was the production of the Cascade M11 helmet, which meets and exceeds all of the rigorous protection standards for certification by HECC (Hockey Equipment Certification Council) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

M11 Ratchet System

Cascade M11 - Ratchet System

Hockey helmets have come a long way in recent years with the implementation of high tech foams, tool-free adjustment mechanisms, and lightweight materials. Rest assured, the Cascade M11 is composed of the highest quality materials and the best technology available. One of the coolest features of the M11 helmet is the ratchet adjustment system which allows you to quickly and easily secure the helmet below the occipital lobe for a comfortable, snug fit. Adjustments can be made on the fly with a couple quick clicks of the ratchet. This design feature is incredibly convenient and easy to use.

M11 Seven Technology

Cascade’s proprietary Seven Technology offers incredible protection without sacrificing even the slightest amount of comfort. The liner compresses to absorb shock upon impact and immediately resets to its original form once the energy is dispersed. The materials are incredibly resilient and the revolutionary design is built to handle multiple impacts with better results than the standard EPP foam used in most helmets.

Cascade M11 - Seven TechnologyCascade M11 Helmet - Seven Technology

Cascade M11 – Head Protection At Its Best

Not only does the M11 provide a great fit, superior protection and excellent ventilation, the shell design is cutting edge and is offered in 225 unique color combinations. The Cascade M11 helmet was built to address every player’s need for protection, comfort, fit, and style – The Messier Project was an absolute success.

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