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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hockey Holiday Countdown: Today's Hockey Gift Idea

Stiga Table Top Hockey - Hockey Gift Idea

Here's a great gift idea for hockey fans of all ages: the Stiga Table Top Hockey Game. Playing video games is great, and being on the ice is even better, but Stiga Table Top Hockey will actually bring you together with friends and family for a fun, competitive game without the distracting rattle and hum of the boob tube.

  • All players are three-dimensional and wear the strips of the major teams Toronto and Detroit.
  • The game has been given added strength in that the talent scouts have also succeeded in recruiting two right-grip marksmen. Together with a left forward who can get back behind the opponents' goal in the Gretzky position and a centre forward who goes back into his own zone to build up the attack, there are all the prerequisites for taking your playing standard to new heights.
  • Puck ejectors, plexiglass shields on the short sides and goal counters go without saying in Stanley Cup.
  • Now you yourself can arrange the Stanley Cup Finals at home!
  • 37 x 19.8 x 3.2 inches

  • Get your Stiga Table Top Hockey Game at today!

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