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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Official Launch of the Blog

First off, welcome to the blog. We're proud to announce the official launch of our blog, and since this is a new venture we would like to take a few moments just to bring everyone up to speed. The plan is simple: to provide an open forum for hockey players, hockey fans, hockey moms, hockey dads, hockey coaches and newcomers to the sport.

Hockey Giant is the #1 online hockey equipment source, and we hope to become the #1 source for all things hockey-related. We believe that our customers are intuitive and well-informed, and that's why we would like to encourage everyone to get involved. If you think that you have something to contribute, then by all means feel free to share your thoughts and insights.

The hockey community is tightly-knit but it's growing quickly... So in order to help you keep up with the high-speed pace, we would like to give everyone involved in the world's greatest sport an opportunity to interact, learn, teach, rant, rave and discuss the topics that are most important to them.

The blog is a place where you can read about your favorite hockey sticks, catch up on NHL trade rumors, preview the newest hockey gear, share training tips and connect with other hockey fanatics just like you. At this point, pretty much anything even marginally relevant to hockey is fair game for discussion.


  1. are you guys the biggest hockey shop on the web?

  2. Yes, Hockey Giant is one of the largest online hockey equipment retailers. We also have two retail store locations. One is in Anaheim, CA and the other is in Bloomington, MN.